hobo love.

hobo love.

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this episode was absolutely perfect.

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new season, you are so close

I love that Mac does that at most things Charlie says.

I love that Mac does that at most things Charlie says.

God I love them.

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so much love for this.

so much love for this.



“No. My Cookies.”

aw fat mac <3

I just love this!

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as a show nerd, I had to do this

TV show quiz

Pick your favorite 5 shows and answer the following questions

1. Arrested Development

2. It’s Always Sunny

3. The Office

4. Parks and Rec

5. Party Down

Who is your favourite character in 2?

Charlie. He’s one of my comedy idols.

Who is your least favourite character of 1?

  Tom Saunders, they could have done more with him

What is your favourite episode of 4?

Jerry’s Painting
the as seen on tv scene reminded me of my life.

What is your favourite season of 5?

the second
just so brilliant.

What is your favourite relationship in 3?

but that’s an easy cop out. I also love Andy/Erin

Who is your anti-relationship in 2?

because she bugged me as a character. But She was supposed to, so I’m torn.

How long have you watched 1?

watched it a bit when season two came out (2004) but didn’t become entranced with it before 2009

Who is your favourite actor in 5?

Ken Marino. His character has the most dynamic range, and he aced it.

How did you become interested in 4?

It was on the same night as the office

Which show do you prefer, 1, 3 or 5?

Arrested Development is my all time fav.

Which show have you seen more episodes from, 2 or 4?

Sunny, it has more total episodes

If you could be anyone from 3, who would you be?

he seems most fun to play

Give a random quote from 5.

Casey: I swear to God, Roman, if you don’t get away from me I’m gonna kick your fucking dick off!

Would a 1/4 crossover work?

  I don’t see how a plot would come of that, so probably not

Which has better theme music, 2 or 4?

Heinz Kiessling is boss.